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Daemonize PHP (properly)

There is often a need when building a website to automate background processes, for example: Sending emails: many sites don’t immediately connect to an SMTP server when a user fires off an email request, but rather store the email in … Continue reading

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Multitasking: PHP in parallel

Update: I have recently solved the issue of multitasking in PHP with a standalone application, The Fat Controller, which handles multitasking for you. Read more here. Like most websites, glogster.com periodically sends out an e-newsletter to its user-base.    This is … Continue reading

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Spinning command line cursor in Java and PHP

Update: I have created an updated article which describes a multithreaded approach in Java Spinning command line cursor in Java I think I must be really bored this morning, I can’t believe I’m actually blogging this, but it might be … Continue reading

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A Simple Daemon in C

(Before diving into creating your own daemon, you might want to take a look at the Fat Controller which is a program which can daemonise anything. If you need to daemonise something, run something repeatedly or parallelise something, then it … Continue reading

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Transparent aggregation in PHP5

The other day a Ruby developer was extolling the virtues of Ruby on Rails to me, in particular the use of “acts_as_” to make a class magically include all the behaviour from another. It isn’t inheritance, the relationship isn’t “is … Continue reading

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