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An investigation into improving landmine detection by fusion and interpretation of data from a number of sensors as related sounds

Executive Summary Background Research was conducted into enhancing current landmine detection methods using novel and intuitive techniques. The failures of previous technological methods for detecting landmines were noted and based on these two principles of the research were concluded: Technological … Continue reading

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Fat Controller v0.0.5 released!

After a hiatus of almost two years, here’s the latest instalment of the Fat Controller. No fancy new features I’m afraid, just the odd bug fix and a tidy-up of some of the internals. All being well, this should make … Continue reading

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Page onload Ajax request in Wicket

A new requirement arrived this week to display a load of statistics on the main page of the application. Simple enough, except that the collection of these statistics from the database took an unacceptably long time to load. As this … Continue reading

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Service initialisation with automatic dependency based ordering

Situation The Application Controller of our application initialises all of its services when it itself is initialised. Unsurprisingly, some services must be started before others; for example the Logging service must be started before the Configuration service, which must be … Continue reading

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The Fat Controller v0.0.4 released!

I’m sorry it wasn’t in time for Christmas, I hope everyone managed to have at least a little bit of fun on Christmas day without it – but finally it’s here – version 0.0.4! This version involved the rewriting of … Continue reading

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The Fat Controller v0.0.4 almost ready – testers wanted!

I’ve just about finished the next version of The Fat Controller, v0.0.4. I’ve completely refactored the way it writes output from sub-processes so it needs some careful testing. It would be great if other people could give it a try … Continue reading

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The Fat Controller v0.0.3 released!

Finally, after almost five months, version 0.0.3 is ready! There are plenty of changes, mostly bug fixes which relate to startup options (not the actual running of The Fat Controller) and a new thread model – fixed interval – … Continue reading

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Fat Controller 0.0.3 almost ready

It’s been ages in development (sorry about that) but the next version of The Fat Controller is almost ready! Apart from really quite a lot of bug fixes the main new feature is called “fixed interval mode” which works more … Continue reading

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Javascript: Exception thrown and not caught

I recently started getting this Javascript error message on every page in my application: Exception thrown and not caught Interestingly, I only got this message in Internet Explorer (IE7) and only on the first page view after clearing my temporary … Continue reading

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Attach IntelliJ debugger at application startup

Normally when I want to debug a Java appliaction, I run the application and then connect the IntelliJ remote debugger to the JVM. Today I needed to debug the boot sequence of the application which meant I needed the debugger … Continue reading

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