Fat Controller 0.0.3 almost ready

It’s been ages in development (sorry about that) but the next version of The Fat Controller is almost ready! Apart from really quite a lot of bug fixes the main new feature is called “fixed interval mode” which works more like CRON in that scripts are executed at precise time intervals, unlike measuring the interval from when a script ends. This brings in a whole host of new problems, such as multiple instances, maximum instances, what to do when we’ve reached the maximum number of instances and so on, and yes, there are plenty of new configuration options to address all of this!

After finding quite a few embarrassing bugs in v0.0.2, I’ve decided to spend some time on Quality Assurance, which is what I’m currently doing before releasing v0.0.3. If anyone wants to help out with this then please let me know – any and all help is appreciated!

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