Javascript: Exception thrown and not caught

I recently started getting this Javascript error message on every page in my application:

Exception thrown and not caught

Interestingly, I only got this message in Internet Explorer (IE7) and only on the first page view after clearing my temporary internet files (cache). If I refreshed the page, the error was gone and only reappeared when I cleared my browser cache – again disappearing after a page refresh.

My suspicion was that some Javascript in the HTML was trying to call a function or a method on an object that was declared in an external Javascript file, crucially before that external file had loaded from the server. This would explain the fact that the error disappeared after a page refresh, as the external file would already be available from the browser cache.

The solution was simple – I wrapped the Javascript that was in the HTML file using jQuery’s $(document).ready() function and the problem was solved.

Interesting note for Wicket users:

My application is built in Wicket and I embed the Javascript into the HTML response using AbstractBehavior.renderHead(IHeaderResponse response). Initially I used response.renderOnDomReadyJavascript(String javascript) which executed the Javascript once the DOM was ready but before the external Javascript dependencies were loaded. My first attempt to fix this was to used response.renderOnLoadJavascript(String javascript) which, as the JavaDoc states, executes the Javascript after the the entire page is loaded. This worked fine, except when the behavior was applied to components rendered in an Ajax response, as of course there was no page load event when the ajax request completed.

My solution was to move back to using response.renderOnDomReadyJavascript(String javascript) and, as stated above, wrap my Javascript in jQuery’s $(document).ready() function.

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