SVN: Entry has unexpectedly changed special status

I just tried to commit my Working Copy when I got the error message:

svn: Entry 'jquery-latest.js' has unexpectedly changed special status

It turns out that someone had created a symlink to whatever is the latest version of jQuery, which apart from being a somewhat dubious solution, should be fine.   However, it seems a Windows user then checked out this file and somehow changed it; either directly or by some strange Windowsy magic.   Anyway, the changed file was then corrupted and the result is the rather cryptic message above.

I tried to remove the offending file:

svn remove jquery-latest.js

But that resulted in:

svn: 'jquery-latest.js' is in the way of the resource actually under version control

Which was simpy resolved by using the --force command:

svn remove --force jquery-latest.js

I recreated the symlink, committed it and it seems now to be ok.

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    As a newbie to svn, this post is very help!

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