Starting a blog was always one of those things that I sort of wanted to get round to one day but secretly knew I’d never actually get round to.   That was until about a month ago when my good friend J decided to make a blog.    It was for me one of those epiphany moments, J’s blog is absolutely fantastic and I suddenly thought I could give it a bash too.   I don’t say for a moment that this will be at all at the same level as J’s, in fact I can more or less guarantee it won’t be, but nevertheless there may (or more likely probably won’t, unless you happen to be into the same riveting programming areas as me) be some useful stuff here.   For the rest of you, riveting might actually be more fun.

As J mentions in his blog, every day we use the communities on the web to help us with our work, and so it seems right to try and give something back.

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  1. James says:

    Hey Nick,
    Just spotted you’ve started a blog – that’s great news! Looking forward to reading your posts. Have added you to my blogroll too.
    Hope all is well with you!

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